Mastering Linux Administration

A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and maintaining Linux systems in the modern data center. Coming soon from Packt Publishing!

Mastering Linux Administration

In a new book from Packt Publishing, which I co-wrote with Alex Calcatinge, we take a fresh look at Linux administration from the perspective of recent transformations in the modern data center, with workloads spanning from on-premises to public cloud infrastructures. To quote from the book's introductory notes:

There's an evolutionary twist to the making of a modern-day Linux administrator. Tedious manual administrative operations are gradually replaced by orchestrated and automated workflows. One-off magic commands and scripts are replaced by declarative manifests invoked on-demand while scaling up or down system configurations based on computing needs. Yesterday's Linux administrator progressively morphs into a DevOps persona.

Mastering Linux Administration is written with the Admin turned DevOps in mind.

Stay tuned for this new title from Packt Publishing!

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